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Yutyrannus Fanart

Made this today on SketchBook :smiley: I was majorly inspired by the game Yutyrannus but added some bird-like elements! How’s it? :hugs:

I actually make animated videos but never get time to write my movie script. I made this for a character, but don’t know if I will ever be able to actually make my animations without fail. Yet I get my satisfaction just by designing my ideas :laughing: what would you wanna name her?


It’s really good, like a chicken with sharp teeth lol​:joy::joy:

You r a better artist than me!


That thing can go to hogwarts!

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Haha! Looking at her, I think she’d make a good Ravenclaw :smiley:

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That’s the choice of the sorting hat.

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It’s super well done, Thank you for sharing your art with us.


Thank you so much! :smiley: @Keith