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Yutyrannus Tournament

This week’s tournament dinosaur is (finally!) the Yutyrannus. Good luck to all who want this beauty unlocked.

Just as an FYI, and i’m not sure whether this is just me bring unlucky or universal, this tournament was hard. Pretty hard. Both in terms of opponent power, and AI. I had many instances of phsychic AI.

Dunno if its fixed now but the packs on the wheel were still the twin packs from last tourney. Also do the fights get harder the longer the tourney goes, for example its easier to rack up points earlier, or is it just consistent the entire tourney?

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Anecdotally, I’ve seen tournament difficulty rollercoaster a bit. On some run throughs, the bottom of my Dominator teams can’t buy a win. On other times, they win easily. I also find the bottom of Dominator League to be harder than the middle or top of the League and the top of Predator is usually much harder than the rest of that League.


Has anyone else noticed that the pack on the spin wheel is the same as the last tournament the stygimoloch @Keith is this a glitch


yeh figured its prob just sorta random cos ive had the same problem, especially in pred, where sometimes i get harder teams than dom

I saw it. Not likely to win it though. Lol.

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Forced to stop on 386 points ran out of dinos. Used my best dinos getting that 2nd gen raptor and forgot the tourney was on. Might have got away using slightly lesser line ups.

Prize wheel pretty scroogey this thanksgiving.

Prize wheel’s upset that you’re all eating dinosaurs on thanksgiving. That must be why

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Hey everyone, the issue with the spin wheel has been fixed - restarting your game will properly display the appropriate rewards. That said, rest assured that this was just a visual issue and that it was not affecting whether or not players would receive the Yutyrannus.


Doggone it, all. Don’t bring the Stygimoloch error to their attention next time; winning two not-able-to-be-unlocked Stygimolochs (however unlikely) beats the tar out of winning one sample of unlockable Yutyrannus!


I’m desperate for the Yuty - I’m going in with tactics, best dinos and some napalm.


This was my first thought too, but John mentioned that it was only visual. Underneath the Stygmoloch layer was a Ytyrannus price.
What a disappointment if someone had won it.


How are everyone’s opponents? Any change from previous tournaments? My level 20 VIPs got stomped earlier, and that never happened to me before.

No particularly noticeable difference for me. I’ve only had one loss so far, and that was just stupidity (or lack of sleep) on my part for forgetting my opponent had an extra point to block with, and I use a LOT of lvl 20 VIPs (although I usually try to add in one slightly higher dino as well). Have had a fairly decent run on prizes too, a few reward packs, and a bunch of the 500 and 1K DNA prizes, along with plenty of the lower amounts. Fairly minimal food and coin rewards this time. No twin Stygi’s though, but I did see them, and had my fingers crossed for that once-in-a-lifetime win! That would indeed have sucked to land on it, and then find out that’s not what you get!


Same for me. I see no difference to previous tournaments so far.


Same for me too - same as normal

Got midway up dominator with several matches between places 100 ~> 50 with level 30 VIPs then stopped when I lost one

Level 30 vips are great for bottom half of dominator. Quick cool down and back in. I’m not bothered about getting placed higher, I just want the pack

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On forgetting the number of points the opponent has, does anyone else have to hold the number by counting fingers and holding them in the air until their own turn?

If I don’t hold the number by holding the right number of fingers up, I forget within seconds.

After 2 years (maybe 2, no fingers held up) I still have to do this :woman_facepalming:


LOL, oh I definitely used to when I was a new player… I have since stopped needing to do that, but I have a bad habit of trying to multi-task and will sometimes get distracted and forget the count. It’s pretty rare that I do and usually I know that I have and throw an extra point on my attack just in case.

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Anyone else get royally trounced by a guy using a level 10 indoraptor, 40 acrocanthasaurus, and some level 20 bird? Seems like they mainly used the i-raptor i think they’re still top, with what looks like a 40 gorgosuchus, what’re your thoughts?