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Zalmonodon deserves a buff

Zalmonodon is a good hybrid, but based on its DNA cost and it’s hybrid components, it should be better.
I calculated new stats for Zalmonodon based on stats of Metriaphodon, and here is what I got:

Old Stats:
8547 HP
2671 DMG

New Stats:
10616 HP
3318 DMG

No, Zalmonodon isn’t a crucial dino to buff but this would just follow the pattern of everything else. It really doesn’t make sense how hybrids like Cerazino and Metri can be so much better than Zalmo despite costing significantly less.
And before y’all come for me, this version of Zalmo would still be slightly below the ferocity of Metriaphodon


Zalmonodon doesn’t really need a buff at all imho

Although Zalmoxes and Metricanthosaurus are both glass cannons, Dimorphodon has more attack than Pteranodon although its a small difference


Why zalmonodon? Theres nothing special about its components, if anything chromaspinus deserves a buff considering its components are much stronger than yudons.

If we compared every tourney hybrid to cerazinosaur then every tourney hybrid would need a buff, cera is just way too OP.


The reason for this is because they were the first generation of hybrids released, ludia has bumped up the price of newer released hybrids because it was so easy to farm for the cost of the older hybrids.


cera fluffy its sooo cute its my favourite creature :smiley:
still dont have one tho :frowning:

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It makes perfect sense. A) They are both old hybrids. All Tourney hybrids are a DNA sink because they are a late game achievement. B) not every new tourney hybrid needs the best stats, otherwise we end up with a power creep. C) the point of having weaker tourney dinos is that there is a steady increase in ferocity, thus filling gaps in the late-game ferocity. And D) hybrids do not always follow the stat powers of their ingredient dinos.

I say nay, she doesn’t need a buff.

Which makes sense. A lotta players are already at the late-game tourney-hybrid level, and to keep these vet players around they bump up the costs of all new dinos, even to exorbitant prices in the cases of tourney hybrids. This keeps these players around, grinding the components and DNA if they want to get them up to the level of all their other tourney hybrids. I’d even attribute Gigankylo’s 7 day hatch time to this same premise.

Of course, these late-game prices can overwhelm lower-level players, but that’s just the F2P level cap being raised on old games looks over a Clash of Clans.


They do a lot better balancing that this game does .

Because this game doesn’t need to be balanced. It’s not PvP. All balance here is just subjective, never objective like in PvP games.

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Coc isn’t true pvp but i get what you mean . Still this game needs a lot better balance. Even though we’re playing bots , there’s still balance needed in different classes. We need more amphibians at top .


I do think zalmo should get a buff, because the only other good flyer is a glass canon(metri) or a tank(ptero), zalmo is pretty balance and the only one that have no locked component

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That’s why I only have one zalmonodon,
cost and cooldown…
tapejalocephalus is better in all aspects


Actually zalmonodon doesnt need a buff and its balanced with cera and metria because it needs 3 hits to kill cerazino and cera needs 3 hits to kill zalmono as its survives by 100-200hp if you two shot it and with metria,it needs 2 hits to kill metria and metria needs 2 hits to kill metria so i think it doesnt need a buff