Zalmoxes in gold prize drop today (26-Mar-2020)

Zalmoxes is in the gold prize drop today.

500DB/ticket or 4000DB/10 tickets. 1% chance.

In the dino spreadsheet, he was in COT in 2018 and hasn’t shown up since or anywhere else.

I’d really like one. Well, 2 to make a level 10+ something to match my other dinos.

I’m guessing I won’t get one at all and it will be a waste of 4000DB.

But to anyone really needing just one… you might want to think about it!

(I also just put in 3x Gorgosaurus in the hatchery for the sweet 20% off, so I wouldn’t be able to hatch Zalmoxes anytime soon any way.)

Hi, Ludia,please put Suchomimus as the creature that you could get next week, ad I did the Velociraptor Gen 2 again, and it still says, unlock i Via special event, please fix that bug.

I think they do not plan to offer unlock events for any 2nd gen creature in the near future.

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I believe the zalmoxes Is the battle stage lvl 80 unlock creature

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lvl 80 you say? That is good to know. I’m at lvl 69, but stuck on maybe stage 63. I’m working on moving my bench up all at once.

What is a “2nd gen creature”? (Or how do I know if it is one?)

I checked, and yes, it’s lvl 80 unlock… so at least u don’t have to wait for ludia to rotate it in cot or a tournament to get it. 2nd gen, they mean other skin and stats a bit changed for dino’s already available. They recently added a second version of the trex, and velo… but they aren’t unlockable yet… imho they don’t bring anything extra to the game though.

Indominus also has a gen 2… you see them at the loading screen when u start up the game… the right one is a bit darker. It’s the 2nd gen indominus and has slightly better stats.