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Zalmoxes Rules Tournament- 5/22 - 5/25

That graph might be a little skewed.

What works for you, might not work for someone else. I am using only Lv10 VIPs (~2500 Ferocity), someone else might be using 5,000 AF dinos, it
doesn’t mean the threshold to break through Dominator is 4K+ or something.

This is all under the assumption that your statment means “place in tournament for tournaments”
means “place in Dominator for tournaments”. :blush:

Not necessarily in Dominator, but just overall. Watching the video in the post above I could hear the person calculating and saying what average ferocity he was using. When I tried doing that, I’ve been winning. So, there seems to be an average ferocity that you should be using that gives you a good chance to win. I know numbers wouldn’t be exact since it’s kind of a guess and check system. You’ll know if your numbers are too low because the team the AI would throw at you would probably be overkill.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. What is it that you are trying to find out again then?

“average ferocity needed vs place in tournaments for tournaments

That didn’t really register for me. I thought it was an educated guess that you wanted to know what it took to place in Dominator since most players are showing their tournament brackets so others will know what the cutoff is roughly.

Again, I don’t think there is a “magic” number that gives you a good chance to win. If you go in with an AF of 3,000 against AI with 1,000 - you’re going to win unless you want to lose.

But, if that works for you, keep saying what your average ferocity is and hope that you end up winning :+1:

Tonight’s data


Yes, my question was if anyone has made a graph of average ferocity that should be used (or at least the minimum the should be used) on the vertical axis vs what place you are in the tournament (out of 600 places total, level 1 1-100, level 2 1-100, etc.) on the horizontal axis. I’m just saying watching that video and watching what average ferocity he was using and using medium amphibian, big Pterosaur, small amphibian, allowed me to win around 6 straight battles. Towards the upper half of predator I used an AF of around 1,600. When I got towards the top 15 or so, I used closer to 2,000. When I was #1 on predator I used a little over 2,100.
Yesterday I was trying to use a weak amphibian, big pterosaur, medium pterosaur that was a higher average ferocity than I’ve been using today and I think I won one match. That match was using really high ferocity and lucky the AI used all amphibians. Anyway, sorry if I’m spamming this thread, just excited to be on the edge of Dominator and hoping to get any advantage I can on squeaking in again.

RIP here, opponent started off with a level 37 Pterodaustro and killed my first amphibian meat shield in one hit. My level 40 Dimorphodon up next couldn’t kill it in 3 attacks. My level 40 Limnorhynchus that came after couldn’t even kill though its a follow-up pterosaur…

I have not graphed it, but I probably should, I have most of the data to do so. It does fluctuate from tournament to tournament sometimes, which also can throw a wrench into the graph. But the other part that can be challenging is that there are large ranges of ferocity that will work. Meaning that it is not just the AFS of the team you bring it is also the make up of it, the amount of trophies you are looking for, and how generous the AI is feeling about giving you a decent match up. For instance like I talk about in my video I could do the same exact battle say for predator rank 10 with an identical team and one time get an easily winnable team and one time get an impossible team, if the AI decides to go rouge. But I could also fight at rank 10 with a team that will award 40 trophies or a team that will reward 20 trophies and all of the numbers in between. All of the teams AFS would be considered passable at that rank but the rewards for the battle in terms of trophies would be widely varied.

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I haven’t formalized it in any sort of graph, but I can share my strategy for advancing through Predator and then where I start a Dominator run. I don’t run the edge as much as I used to, but I still start low compared to others

At the bottom of Predator, I use level 40 Super-rares, for a general Jurassic tournament that means either Rajasaurus or Spinosaurus, either Aerotitan or Zhejiangopterus, and Velociraptor. From there I work my way up, with Kaprosuchus, Stegosaurus, Postosuchus.
Then, I work my way up to my level 10 VIPs.

Making the jump from Predator to Dominator along with the bottom of Dominator may require me to skip over the bottom of my Dominator teams, but once I’m over that hump, I use level 40 Legendary creatures, starting with Suchomimus, Pteranodon, and Dimetrodon. From there, I work my way up to my level 20 VIPs.

This process gives me around 35 trophies per victory. While I get some tough battles, and I do lose some of them, I rarely draw the absolutely unwinnable stompdowns.

Also, this allows me to save my very best creatures for PVE.


I’ve seen your other graphs and anything you can do in your spare time would be much appreciated. I wouldn’t be concerned with how many trophies on the graph. I would just like a suggestive AF use depending on what place I’m at in the tournament. Obviously it would also depends on what kind of creatures you use. Using all one type would be a gamble. I’m just looking for a suggestive minimum AF. Like you said, it’s not guaranteed because the AI may randomly stomp you. Again, thanks for the video, it gave me a strategy, a suggestive AF to use, and it seems to be working.

I am clinging to spot 99/100 of Dominator and occasionally falling back to legendary – I only have like 6 birds that are tournament-quality, and I feel like I’m running into unbeatable death compositions like half the time.


Thank you for the advice, I still need to make more level 40 legendaries. I’ll have to use what I got that may be comparable to what you use.

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The tournament is not moving too quickly. There’s no penalty for losing either, so if you keep hanging in there, you should make Dominator.

You have 28-29 hours to go. Good luck!


This tournament is going to end 4 hours earlier than tournaments used to end. It was the same for the last one.
I do not like this because I’m at work at this time (yes…my home office quarantine is going to end tomorrow after 10 weeks) and that means I have no possibility to adjust my result in the last 8 hours of the tournament.
Hopefully this is not going to be the new normal.

Not to mention that I can no longer participate in the hatchery discount on Thursdays, sigh.


In hunter,I came against a ridiculous matchup in Hunter league, pretty happy I did not quit

won it


I had skipped the tournament Friday and was only going to battle in it to complete daily missions, but decided to make a run this morning…


I just hope for another predator finish,I am spot 3 on hunter at the moment.

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@DaWise_Weirdo right on, I hope you finish well

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A perfect score for a 4th of July.


I had a 2020 yesterday but decided to stop posting scores altogether now.
Prizes aren’t that good this tourney.
Max DNA I got was 500, not a single 1,000, which I usually get several.
Packs, only got one common and maybe 1-2 VIPs.


For me it seems to be one of the better tournaments. Five times 1,000 DNA and an aquatic package so far is not too bad.