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Zapplejack Buff Please!

I’m here speaking out for the poor 5* Ghastly Zapplejack that’s pretty much forgotten because her abilities are so lousy.

Hybrids are supposed to be rarer than the normal draftable dragons, so WHY are her abilities the same or worse than her breeding parents?!
Look at this…

She has the same damage as her Timberjack parent and even less damage for counterattack! Also, the stealing beneficial effects ability that is pretty useless anyway. Yes, I can see there is one extra turn on the abilities, but c’mon, is that it? REALLY?
All the other hybrids have extra buffs on their abilities compared to their parents. They’re supposed to be better.
Alas, no one wants to use this pretty Zapplejack because you gave her a bad ability set and made her abilities weak/selfish. :frowning: (She’s crying in the photo because no one wants to use her).

Please Ludia, give this pretty girl some love! (In the form of buffs).

Yours sincerely,
A sad Slick Nicker owner


I’m hoping Ludia looks at there data and sees which dragons no one uses (hint: any with steal ability) and has plans to buff those.

Of course buffing this dragon to another viable 5* purple raises another balance issue (perhaps this should be a separate post). Purple has a ton of great 5*, other colors (yellow/red) are severely lacking in useful 5* compared to purple/green.

For sure about the steal ability!

Also… the dragon I’m talking about is red! Not purple. :laughing:

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It is better because look at the attack number, it has an attack of 590, no other parents have an attack of 539 and 579, it is higher.

Oops I just glanced left to right. Well then, it is even more important to make it a string dragon!


He, some more attack, less hp and less defense. There is nothing special about this dragon. Mythic and chestnut are super dragons and this one is less valuable than non-hybrids

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Wow yeah, a whole 11 higher on attack! And a lot less defence… and less HP than Zippleback. Plus no ability buffs. Forgive me for not getting excited over those amazing stats! :joy:


In my opinion, Timberjacks are weak all around. There are 3* better than Axewing.
I would say, all Timberjacks, Zapplejacks and Charsoul are rather weak and waste of resources.