Zero trophies?


Just had a battle where I went down hard 3 - 0. Their Stegoceratops pure outleveled me and got everything I tried to use against it. It handled their whole battle, ate me up like I was candy. LOL As I often do now after the update, I went to check out their team. Level 10, arena 7, good levels on team…but zero trophies? How does that happen?

Edited to add: Nevermind. Looks like it was a glitch, as their trophies showed up…and is about 400 more than mine. :hushed::grin:

Recent battle list is show zero trophies per person
All trophies showing as zero
0 Ranking
0 trophies?
Leader bored friends

They’re dropping arenas without switching out their team. Ludia should implement a total level system to prevent these kind of matche ups. It should add up your entire team’s level and only put you up against other players with a total of +15 to -15. This could be implemented on top of the trophy system as a secondary check for matches.


All trophies from friends and those I battled showing as zero. Screenshot_20180814-114537_JW%20Alive


Hey Dragoness169, try force closing the game and relaunching and see if the number of trophies shows up. If there’s still an issue, reach out to our support team here at with your support key and the screenshot so they can take a look.


Same. Also leader board is a no show.


Just sent an email to you all. Thank you. Still having issues.


Will they redefine the trophies now?


Same here…all zeros for everyone. Ludia did mention they would periodically reset everyone at or above 3500 back down to 3500. Maybe this is that and they’re still processing??


This is happening to me… I mean, I know it’s a glitch, but it’s fun to see! :smiley:


Same here.


Nothing changed in nu leaderboard


In my leaderboard …


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team has been notified of the issue, and they’ll be looking into it soon!


I don’t even have a screen loading, never mind a glitch on said screen.


I know it’s short lived but hit number one in this temporary reset. #itcounts #numerouno #retireontop


Leader board and medals have returned to normal.


My trophies are back but I’ve been shorted by over 200… I was just a lil over 900 now it’s saying 700 and change!!! So frustrating!!


I’m only in the badlands and I’m rank no1
Wooohooo :+1:t3::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I just had a battle with this player, and Im around 3900 trophies but this person is 0.

How does that even match in arena?image


Recent battles list at zero trophies per person. Dodge has been failing every time for multiple days with indominus. Critical hits every time on certain dinos. Sometimes get hit once by dinos and it’s not considered a critical hit but it kills dino. Please ludia look into this. Screenshot_20180819-194224_JW%20Alive