Zero trophies

Hi, I would like to know why I have zero trophies despite the new season has started,and I have fought in arena many times,i send a screenshots IMG_20190630_021334

There’s a thread in regard to this issue.
Your acc may be flagged by the Dev.

I’m not sure. You better check it out.

what is dev?

The developer…

It actually shows 17 players in your alliance with 0 trophy count still. But you have battled you say and it is still 0. Might want to email them as guy above said.

There have been allegations made by another player that those who have battled since the trophy reset and still remain at 0 being flagged by the developer as cheaters…however there is currently no proof one way or another so don’t take it as gospel.

Need to hear from @Ludia_Developers if its a known bug (which wouldn’t surprise me) or if its a ton of new accounts being flagged (which also wouldn’t surprise me).

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Thanks, can I also send him a message here? I have already opened an in-game ticket with them

U ever get the app from some place other than app store or Google play?

No never get the app from the other than Google play