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Zero Trophy Fix

Everyone needs to either do at least one PvP or friendly battle once or you will show 0 trophys to everyone else. I know this because I have 2 accounts and could see the other.

You will look at yourself in your alliance list and see your trophies but until you battle once in PvP of friendly it will show zero to every one else.

Just in case your guild leader may be watching for inactive players to kick to make room for new active ones, do one battle so you won’t show zero, letting your leader know your actively playing.

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I’ve noticed that to…

This is the same as it has been for the all the tournaments.

but this happens everyday? after season end? or what?

This happens at the end of a tournament. It isn’t all bad since abandoned accounts will stay at zero and it’s easy for alliance leaders to see who they can kick to make room for people looking for an alliance.

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there is no point to bumping back up their numbers. if they were inactive enough to let themselves show as 0 for long enough for someone to notice then they don’t deserve to be in any alliance.