Zero trophy players

Several players in our alliance are showing zero trophies.
They are active players.

I would like an official answer from Ludia or the mods/admins as to why some players are showing zero trophies.

We can all guess and make suppositions. I’m not looking for that, thank you though.

Hey DragonHunter, if your game is connected to either your Facebook or Google Play account, could you try clearing the cache on your device and see if that helps?

If you reach out to our team at with your support key, our team would be happy to take a closer look as well if you believe that your active Alliance members are not displaying any trophy count.

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That 0 trophy issue is witnessed by everyone else and still it’s their own problem? Or the support team are so hateful that they get to be the all-time scapegoat😅

Edit: why can’t we have it done in an easier way, that the OP only wanted to know what’s the cause?

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Reaching out to our support team makes it easier for them to gather some essential information, @TeaRekz. :slight_smile: There’s no hate for our support team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lol I know. I actually mean the “loved” one, who you want to get them involved in every event😄

I think I ask this question for the forum members at large.

This is hardly an isolated event.

We want to know!

It’s definitely not a cache issue. One guy was kicked from the alliance, gone a couple weeks and requested to re-join.

Still shows zero trophies.

I often clear my cache, for what it’s worth.

Bottom line, are they marked cheaters or just haven’t battled in the arena?

We want to know!


if they show 0 trophies during a season then its a flagged account. since you cant battle those in seasons, only the undergraound arena.

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I’m having this issue too… Finding it very hard to keep track of my alliance members when people are on 0 yet I know that isn’t the case for a few of them at least. Either that or alliance leaders need some sort of tool to be able to tell who is playing and who isn’t. I loved this game and love being a leader but it’s extremely tedious at the moment as its so much hassle.

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Thank you for the clarification.
You are saying Ludia has allowed cheaters to continue playing?
How did you come about this information?
Did they make an announcement that I missed?

Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I submitted a ticket regarding something 7 days ago. Got an automated response of the usual heavy number of tickets. Then few days later got a response from a human saying they are looking at it. Then a few days later got a response asking if I need any further support or they’ll close the ticket.

Top notch support there, asked me if I need any more assistance when they hadn’t provided me any in the first place.


Cheaters are allowed to play, but they shouldn’t be in the tournament, and they shouldn’t be matched with legit players. It’s not even really bad to have them in an alliance except for reputation purposes

How can I cheat, not get banned and continue to play?

I want in, as long as the developers are okay with it.

Are we positive this is a thing, or are we just speculating?

I’m aware spoofers were allowed in, but this was many months ago when they were allowed to self report. This new zero trophy thing…I can’t see how that’s related to the self reporters being allowed to continue. This is new/fairly new within the last few months.

Is Ludia that hard up for players that they allow cheaters to continue playing???

I guess that’s the real question at this point.

IIRC, you just cheat, get caught, get banned, and when your ban lifts your flagged and can’t participate in tourneys or battle legit players.

yes they do flag accounts and yes they are allowed to fight against other flagged accounts thus no trophies during seasons. this info is on the forum do your research.

0 trophies = a banned account?

I guess everyone is banned then.

flagged account is a possibility.

0 trophies doesn’t necessarily mean banned account. We have members as does other alliances of players that have quit. We keep them in hopes that they will return. But after a reset if a player doesn’t battle their trophies remain at 0

thats inactivity. if a member is active though, thats different. you ask them for atleast one battle during a season to see if they gain trophies and they decline…


So I can delete all the people on my friend list since they all have 0’s.

That’s usually how I gauge who to delete lol. After reset if they don’t move in say a week. I start deleting

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