Zero trophy softball

The first step of recovery is to admit. I have not denied or tried to defend that I made mistakes or bad choices early in this game. Yes, I should’ve taken the reset and started over. I would be close to where I am now and not have a flagged account.
Some have said that Ludia should mark these players in some way. The mark of the beast? Ask and you shall receive.
Even when I was in my original alliance I was open about how I had spoofed for a couple months early in the game. This was way before we had alliances. I do regret having done this, but I guess I would rather play the mediocre flagged account than start over. Starting over at this point is the same as quitting the game, which isn’t a bad decision by any means. I will say that I do not feel any shame. Regret yes, but no shame. It is a game, so I don’t see it as a serious offense.
So this mark of the beast has been applied by Lord Ludia. It is the zero. Those with zeros are among us. Enjoy zero hunting.

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I got nothin.

So players with 0 are flagged? I just looked as some alliances I usually look at and there are a lot of 0 still. Just assuned they havent battle. But some are/ were high level prior to reset and still 0

I apologize for the ambiguity. My trophy count can only be seen by me. You will see my trophy count as a zero.

I’m looking at alliances now and seeing 0s in high level alliances. I’m assuming these players would have played by now. Screen capture time…lol

It is either or. If they have not battled, then they will have a zero. However…

I feel that I need to say that there are probably a significant number of players that dabbled in the spoofing apps last summer and got flagged. I suspect that most deleted the app and have been legit players since. Please don’t be harsh with your alliance members who are just trying to have fun with the game just like all of us are. Bad choices were made. I’m sure most do regret having done this.

Thanks for the heads up about this. Im going to be announcing that all my alliance members play at least ONE match to update their trophy count. And those still at zero after the match…well…thats for me to decide!


We dont have any in the alliance I’m in. Were not high level. But I see lots on the list with high level teams…

Looks like everyone who tried to criticize you last week for having no proof owes you an apology. You said flagged accounts only face flagged accounts. Now what were those alliances on that list again??? Good place to start checking for 0s.

One guy with all level 30 account. But I’m sure he is still 0 as he hasn’t played all week???:slight_smile:

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It seems that there was one day when Ludia was letting me battle new non-flagged players. The AP player that I battled that day is not a flagged player. She is legit and active here in the forum. However, the other alliance that I mentioned doesn’t fall in the same category.

But they do have 0 accounts still. Along with another of other alliances.

Remember that ludia messes everything up before you decide calling ppl spoofers, guys. So maybe it’s just not working right


Mind… blown.
I thought it odd that only 26/50 members had battled since season start.
I’m just kinda staring at the alliance screen trying to give the benefit of a doubt.
Gonna give it a week. I know a lot of people half quit or are doing 4th of July planning and stuff

I havent called anyone a apoofer. Just checking out all the zero accounts.

Totally agree.
I’m going to wait this one out, but I’m definitely watching it closely.
It’s actually more likely to be a Ludia goof.


I dont think it is a glitch. What just randone players got 0s still after reset? It’s either they havent battled or account is flagged.

So the reality is there were a lot of people who messed around with spoofing the first couple months. Then Ludia made the big announcement. Some players took the reset, but I suspect most didn’t. We took the flag. I had unlocked indominus. No way was I starting over. I did stop spoofing though.
Fast forward one year. The reset is the obvious choice. Now we’re in alliances. It was a different game then. Those with all level 30s kept doing it. The average spoofer has been legit since they’ve been in your alliance. Please cut them some slack. They’re a teammate.

So here’s the reality from my perspective. All 60+ of my long time flagged competitors have zeroes. Every former alliance member except for the one flagged friend has a trophy count. I’m seeing it 100% from Ludia so far. If they haven’t battled, it’s a zero. If they’re flagged, it’s a zero. If they’re “legit”, it’s a score. It’s all exactly as it should be.

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