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Zombie dinos are kicking my ass

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play PVP
Step 2 - Kill a dino, have it go to zero points, have it keep playing and kill your creature which still has HP.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: About every third match today

What type of device are you using: iPhone XR

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

In this example, I had my stegodeus bring this 3300 point Utasin down to about 2000. I then jumped in my draco, which does a little over 3200 points of damage when it comes in. I clearly killed the Utasin. Only, no. It showed 0 (as it should have) and then kept merrily playing along, killing my draco on the next move AND my next dino.

WTH??? The zombies might have been funny last week, but this just sucks!

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Nien Cussing

IDK A random word generated in a different language whatever you call it. But seriously, no cussing in the forums


This happens always (on Android) when you accidentally touch the latest apps button or when you briefly switch to another app.
Very annoying and easy to reproduce.

I’m on an iPhone. (xR if it matters.)

Karma at work :rofl:

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Love the title :joy: this has happened to me before, in my case No Dracoceratops though and I have been the one that’s the zombie it was very weird :thinking:

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Happened to me just now.
Hit my opponent’s already wounded Erlidominus with an Instant Charge (which went critical , no less), bringing its health down beyond 0, but then it proceeded to Rampage me, winning the game for my opponent somehow!

I usually don’t mind losing, but that one stings…

Isn’t there a rule against cussing?

Leme check

Since this topic hasn’t had any replys, get rid of it. And also, I haven’t seen any zombies around there, they don’t want brains, only our anger!

Happened to me once recently when a call came in on my phone. I had to exit out the game to take it. Once I was done with the call, I went back to the game and my dinos were AFK while doing basic moves. A couple of times it was zombie dino against zombie dino with which I won both times and then shortly after it straightened itself out with me luckily winning the battle.

There seems to be one thing in common with the zombie Dino sightings, they’re all in the lockwood library. Could Lockwood have stored some experimental pathogens that cause the dead to come alive before he died?


It happened in Aviary with me. So it is not centralized in one arena.

This happened to me in a friendly battle.

At least we now know what really killed off the dinosaurs 63 million years ago…
All the dead dinos that were killed across the many eons came back to life and went all Zombie Apocalypse on the lot of them wiping out every last dinosaur on the planet lol
:scream: :astonished: :scream:

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My monomimus became a zombie Dino once… it lived on 0 Health. Got an attack off then was killed by a COUNTER.

My Thor was one once and it took out a whole team in this glitch. Literally my Thor would get attacked with 0 health and was still standing like nothing happened.

I fought this Miragai already and it has come back from the dead. My Thor was full health. I restarted the game and now my full health Thor has been autokilled after no option was selectable. Oh but wait there is more!!

I also fought against a ghost of an Indo Gen 2 on top of that. Now the arena will not work at all. So I am guessing this update is equivalent to an ice cream sundae on asphalt during the Summer. It looked promising, but now it is turning to crap. Please fix this bug Ludia

Looks like I won after all