Zone issues

I have no idea what zone I’m in. Sometimes I think I’m in L3, sometimes L4 and sometimes I wonder if I’m on the frickin moon😂. Would it be possible to have like a zone tracker when we’re out hunting? Something that tells us where we are in the corner of the screen maybe?

It’s possible to be on a border or in an overlapping area. Where I live L1 & L3 overlap, and where I work I’m on the border of the same zones.

In a recent poll, there was a question asking if you as a user were aware of creature migration/zones/etc. There’s no indication on the map as to what zone you’re in, so hopefully that was Ludia’s way of gauging to see if a zone tracker would be beneficial to players.

Personally, I would love that feature just so I’m not having to memorize which areas around me are what “zones”.

Sad to say, I just realized in the last week that I’m on a boarder too. I was confused why each night I would see Allos, Paras, Diplocaulus and Iguanadon all hangin’ out together…

I just find it so confusing! I keep trying to figure it out by dinosaur but sometimes they throw a weird one in there and I am back at square one.

If you’re looking for specific dinosaurs, consider checking out these charts and spawn mechanic infographics on MetaHub’s website. Focus on main groupings and ignore the oddballs that get thrown in due to the Event Supply Drops.

For example, if you’re seeing Euoplocephalus and Purussaurus, you might stumble across a Sinoceratops. If you’re seeing a ton of Suchomimus and Parasaurolophus, that’s a good sign for Rajasaurus. You’ll start to notice patterns and certain groupings at certain times of the day as you hunt different areas. For example, there’s one street corner where I consistently see Dilophosaurus and Monolophosaurus spawn, and while they technically belong to two different local zones, that spot could be considered a “Nest Spawn” because those creatures are said to spawn near beauty salons. :woman_shrugging: Best of luck!

The best way to identify which zone you’re in is by looking at those groups of common creatures, which are zone-specific:

Zone 1: Euoplocephalus - Lythronax - Purussaurus Gen 2
Zone 2: Dilophosaurus Gen 2 - Deinocheirus - Sarcosuchus
Zone 3: Allosaurus - Diplocaulus - Triceratops Gen 2
Zone 4: Suchomimus - Parasaurolophus - Iguanodon

Try not to count creatures near a plausible nest (hospital, gas station, etc.), and don’t focus too much on other creatures.

This way I’ve discovered that I live in Zone 3, with walking all my way to work in Zone 2, and working near Zone 4 (I hunt for Parasaurolophus during lunch breaks!).

I didn’t though overlapping was possible… I currently try to identify borders on my way to work, but there’s a strange area where I see creatures from zones 3 and 4, and I can’t be sure where the border is exactly… I’ll checked again in the next days to see if it could be a case of overlapping…