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Zone Migration/ abundance of Global commons

Has anyone else noticed that with this new zone Migration that just happened recently… especially with Giga scents/ scents in general that there are a lot more global common dinos that spawn now and little to no epic or rare…

Maybe I’m the only one but something seems off… it feels like I’m over run with commons…

Just my 2 cents from a distance

Thoughts anyone?


I’ve used epic scents and have got mostly local creatures.

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I have been running a lot of scents and it seems like all commons to me :sweat::sob::sob::sob:

Try clearing cache. Might be a situation like last time.

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Ok I will try that to see if that works thx @Detonatress

Yeah, some globals are really difficult to find now, so much that they feel exclusive lol
Perhaps we just need more locals


Rares are much rarer now. In area 2, about 20% were rare but now like 5%.

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how do u do that

You need to check your settings > apps manager (not sure about iOS) and look for the “Clear cache” option for JWA. It’s usually in the storage for JWA.

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I did the clear Cache thing… I will try now to see if there is a difference

My home area has always been 3, but today I noticed that the creatures from area 4 came to my place and I usually receive rare normally (yesterday an Edmontoguanodon appeared in my circle for the first time).

Today I shot at least 3 rare within 1 hour (Meio, Tupan and Caulus G2)

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I’m not sure if it’s focused on local vs. global, but I feel I have noticed a different outcome distribution on Giga scents since the rotation a couple days ago. I haven’t recorded actual rates (before vs. after) so that’s why I didn’t post sooner - it’s just an anecdotal feeling at this point. :frowning:

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I just feel something is off… things are still the same in my end I change after the clear cache :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I barelly see any epics nowadays, plus I haven’t seen rex 2 in weeks… and I so desperatelly need it

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So far it has been good on my side.

Darted lots of Rares and Epics since the migration - not that much change actually in regard to the spawn rate.

The only issue I’m facing is whenever I tap on a dino to dart the server hangs. Especially when it comes to the ones that are valuable i.e. Rhino, Mammoth, Pyro, Dime. But there were no issues when I tap on other common and rare dinos…:thinking:

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Whenever I battle during a giga scent I come back and see an epi, always happens to me for some reason. @Detonatress, I couldn’t find any apps maganger on settings, searched it up. I have iOS.

What does “clear cache” do exactly? I don’t want to risk losing my progress, so is it safe to use? Obviously it probably is if you reccomended it, but would it log you out of your account or something?

Same here with rex. Need 3 to get Tryko to 30 and they are nowhere

Though some epics seem to be all over the place. Seen so many Carbo and Eucla recently (not counting recent pursuit)

It just clears some data stored on your device. No progress lost, I do this every now and then. Just make sure it’s Clear Cache, not other stuff.

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Thank you! I haven’t done that before, so I probably should.