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Zone Migrations

Zones have never migrated. The biggest change is like 2 or 3 creatures every other update. It is getting extremely stale. Especially for those who of us who haven’t been able to really leave the house for months.

The giga scents are nice and all but getting the same creatures for 9 hours a day for the past 70 days is just like come on.

Shift entire zones. Shift half the creatures in the zones. Move dusk creatures to night or day and so on.

Just spice it up some please.

PokemonGo changes nests every 2 weeks and they have 3x the creatures in their game. It can’t be that hard.


They have even stopped changing those 2-3 creatures during the latest updates.

I have asked them to do it as well. Seems like they enjoy thumbing their noses while blowing raspberries at the thought.


Maybe if I say this they’ll listen

“Oh man, if Ludia did a zone migration I would buy so many new scents. Also I would have to buy boosts because I would level up creatures and unlock. They would make SO much money off me”

@Ludia_Developers see above. Take my money.


I’m finding myself playing less just recently. Pop in, set an incubator off, do any nearby strikes and leave.

I really don’t need anything from this zone, and I haven’t for a very long time. It’s disheartening when you’re stuck here.


I’ve been asking for zone migration for a long time now. I still hold hope that we’ll see it happen sooner rather than later.


I do the same! Only I do mine only when I have the daily missions for 60 Direct hits! It used to take me 30-35 minutes to do those! With the giga it’s done in 15 minutes and it’s only every other day!

Yeah let’s not neglect zone 4 anymore @Ludia_Developers. Time to get some dinos, supply drops, strike events, and sancs back in zone 4. Please do this.

Been yearning for this since the day I learned about zones. Though Im not as unfortunate as others, seeing as how Im on Local 3. Really wish this would be implemented in the next update. Or massive bugs eradication…

Also if I might add: please Ludia add twice the places to find supply drops, battle strikes, etc. Its so hard being cooped up at home, and having a good battle strike just outside my radius.

Hi all ,from what i understand from reading up on forums and chat rooms specific dinos spawn in different zones and i know some are global spawns etc but with the current lockdown i have to drive maybe 1/2 miles to catch dinos that spawn in other areas dracorex/argentinosaur etc.Could ludia rotate the spawn zones say weekly,so week 1 im in zone so i get zone 1 dinos,week 2 i get zone 2 dinos in my area and so on evrybody would be on same cycle so all players get a chance at all the zone exclusive dinos on a regular basis from home if thay can’t drive or are on lockdown they can still catch all zone area dinos from home,leave global spawns etc just rotate the area zones it’s just a thought !! thanks happy hunting Andy

That would be amazing. I am so tired of my zone 2 by now

leta hope mods read thisnoost and suggest it thanks

This idea has been suggested many times and Ludia hasn’t done it yet. I doubt they ever will.

I want this more than the update. Pleeaaaaaaase :tired_face::sob:

i didn’t know im quite new to the forum but thank you lets keep fingers xd lol