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Zone Rotation please!

Hey Ludia,
How about a zone rotation? I‘m so sick of all the Scaphognatus and Suchomimus in my neighborhood …
Draco Gen2 shoul be everywhere available, not zone specific…


Some of us have said this for a while. Move them round every 3 months so we all get an equal chance.


I’ve wanted this to be a thing for sooo long.

I agree with what you’re saying. But, that last point… err… no. Please no


I think they should rotate every month since most don’t play this game that long and if it was each month, it may actually keep players longer as we would look forward to getting upcoming locals we could get for creatures we want to make and grow.

When I look at what creatures I haven’t made yet, the common denominator is their components come from other zones where either I can’t get to or can’t get to them enough to find these.

Some creatures have been moved to different zones over the last year and that is much of the reason I’ve had just enough to make some legendary’s and unique’s such as Ardentis and Diloracheirus.