Zone rotation: random, or bugged, or cursed, or...?

I was in zone 1 since the start of the game. When they started rotating, I went to zone 3, then zone 4. I was really looking forward to getting zone 2 this time, but I’m back in the terrible zone 1 this month.

Did this happen to everyone? Or does Ludia’s ex live in zone 1?

I was in zone2, last rotation was zone 3 and this rotation I am in zone 4, so far it goes in circles

Zones always go one up. So if you were L4, you are in L1. Next month you will be L2, then L3, then L4…

Was in L2, so now I’m L3.

See the OP. I’ve never been in zone 2.

An alliance member had the same thing happen, and he’s also in zone 1.

It’s possible you live on the border of zones, but I’ve never seen anything like it

No bug for me:
i was in A1 2 month ago,A2 last month and now ,i am in A3

You missing something there.
First was unintended migration, where you should be different zone, probably zone 4. Then we got back original zones after two weeks (so zone 1 for you). Then you should be zone 2. From zone 3 everything going in right order for you.

Went zone 3, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2 and now 3 again.


What? We’ve only had two migrations so far.

My zones changed 4 times, but it’s a good news for me in a pandemic time like this.

Yeah it should be changing every month. Mine has been. I’m glad it is too. Even without the pandemic it’s good variety.