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Zone rotations

Hey, I’ve recently started to look more into zone information to effectively look for dinos and honestly im stumped. I’ve been scouring my whole suburb (legit 5km in every direction and basically every road) over the last month and it seems like I can’t find any other zones. The zone my house is currently in is zone 2 and I’ve been looking for zone 4 for all the nice dinos its got (basically mono g2) and its so elusive truly and I feel its so vague and unclear for anybody to know which zone they are currently in at any given time ( like when looking at the map)

My main request is that ludia could solve this by either:

  1. Perhaps provide a zone outline on map view. It doesn’t have to be extensive, perhaps just within the 200/267 meter circle just so u can know where which zone starts and end
  2. Decrease the time between zone rotations, so as to minimise the currently long time to wait for a zone. Perhaps if they change zones every 2 weeks (in accordance with the alliance missions, to streamline operations) so after at most 6 weeks ur back to a specific zone rather than having to wait up to 3 months which is annoying as metas can shift from month to month helping people to adjust quicker, in terms of sourcing specific DNA

Please respond with ur own ideas and thoughts about this issue if you feel the same problem

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The zones in my area are approximately almost exactly 2 miles (3 Km) square. You almost need the list of zone specific creatures, at least the common and rare so you can tell when you’ve entered another zone. I mapped out the zones early in the game when there was no rotation in order to know where to go and find what I was looking for. Now even with the zone rotation, I still know where to go to look for certain creatures. This shows the zone layout.

I’ve had others say their zones were all funky shaped. I’m wondering that if you get closer to the equator, the bigger the zones get and these are laid out by longitude and latitude degrees. So if your in southern Florida, your zones will be much bigger than Alaska where zones could be long and thin.


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Well I love this idea of yours buddy but don’t you think that they need to notify us about the zones changing.

I think this would be a very good idea. It would be very helpful to plan where you need to go to find the creatures you are looking for.

Considering PoGo players have worked out a spawn map (although many considered it cheating), I’m surprised that no one has worked out a zone map for JWA.

I said a long time ago a simple Z2 in the upper corner would make a huge difference as you could travel to a zone then take a walk. Its not only incredibly simple to give us a zone indicator, it has absolutely 0 negative impact on the game.

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I would also like to see a simple icon on the map screen telling you what zone you are currently in.

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Anyone has any idea how km2 a zone can be?

Local zones are approximately (but not exactly) 4km square, and are laid out like this (top is north):


If you’re in local 2 and you want 4, go either east or west.

(And yes, I agree that some kind of indicator would be great. It can sometimes be difficult to know which one you’re in when only globals are spawning around you.)

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Thanks for your all your findings, I’m going have to try another route today then , a bit further out in a new direction and hopefully the results are promising