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Zone spawns decreased badly

I love the zone changes every month. Its about the only thing I enjoy with this game anymore. But like most of what Ludia does, they are destroying what once was a great thing. Arenas, Tournys, Raids, all ruined. Its been 2 weeks in Zone 3, with multiple giga scenting every day. ZERO Monolophosaurus… ZERO Secodontosaurus. Literally the only 2 things I was excited for. I get you don’t want people to overspam. But at the same time, this is the only month I get these creatures. My work is all from home still, so I dont travel much. My one month to catch these, and you have given me ZERO in 2 weeks. I am so beyond discouraged with playing this game anymore.
And a Hybrid Pursuit these last few weeks, UTTER SHAME on your part. 3 weeks of no event, and you seem to have no clue. This game is heading towards the trash quickly

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