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How do i know what zone or quadrent I’m in?? Sorry if it’s a dumb-dumb question.

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check out metahub


Check the metahub and pay attention to the commons. For instance if you are surrounded by diplo then you’re in zone 3. The same goes for sucho in zone 4. Draco g2 in zone 2.


I don’t think it’s a dumb question, I was wondering the same thing. Now on that note what is metahub? I have been playing 3 weeks(?) approximately and I try to check the forum for questions and answers. But I am still a little confused. Thanks guys for all the answers

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Not a dumb question at all! I wonder how the locations are separated all the time, and there certain ones start/end. If I go like 10 mins away then I’m surrounded by suchos and einias, and then around me there are a lot of majungas, diplos, and nundas. Also allos. I just assume I’m in 3 bc of the amount of diplos stalking my house at night (usually 4 at a time AT LEAST :scream:)

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Website dedicated to jwa guides and content just search it in google


Searched thru metahub; good stuff thanks. The guide on where dinos are found was pretty helpful. Though im wondering if the zones migrate (so-to-speak) because for 2 months now all i have at home are irritators and majungusorous.


They don’t change sadly. What they do (every update kinda) is change the dinos that spawn on the zones. That’s called a migration. But you’ll always be in the zone you are.