Zones and dinos within those zones

I’ve read some information on the zones and dinos within those zones… question are as follows:

1: how often do those zones change (if they change at all or if it is always that particular zone)
2: How often do the dino’s within those zones change?
3: Where is the best place to find the current dinos within the zones?
4: Do areas have multiple zones within a city or are the zones larger than that?

Thanks for any and all help… slowly learning more and more about this game…

  1. The zones haven’t ever changed so far
  2. The dinos within the zones switch at least once an update, sometimes more depending on player feedback
  3. You can find any local dino in its respective local, as well as global spawns. You can’t hunt specific dinos; it’s all random
  4. Zones aren’t that big, so most cities will have at least one of each local, most likely more
    Hope this helps! If you have more questions I’ll do my best to answer them!

Check out metahub they have a zone guide

Thank you both…