Zones Migrating?


Are zones migrating? I am in Level 4 Zone and now I am seeing Level 1 zone dinos like Lythronax.
Anyone else noticing this?


Yep. The big pteros were everywhere yesterday, but now they’re not around. The smaller ones seem to pop up more during the day.

And i just ran across a rare Irritator outside of my drone range. Never saw one here before today.


Maybe the big pteros tend to appear more from dusk to nighttimes.


Well you never… unless it was a green supply drop


Didn’t think about that, I was too busy being amazed by the Rare Irritator.


Lol. Yep, pterosaurs everywhere for the special event/release … it looks like most of them are “rare” so probably won’t see them all over the place like this again outside of an event

And irritators… probably never so stock up now :grimacing:


I thought Irritators were Incubator exclusives.


Yep, they are … haha, that’s why I’m stocking up like they’re going extinct :joy: