Zones what are they


I‘m often reading about zones 1-4 and local spawns.
I‘d like to know how I find out in which zone I‘m living?

I‘m located in Germany and a little bit confused lol.


A tendency of dinos that spawn in proximity to each other:

Source: metahub

You are not alone! I recently had this trouble myself. I am located in the border of two different zones, so it is quite confusing. The chart @Hersh posted is also helpful.

I suggested they add what zone we are currently in at the corner of the screen to solve just this confusion. I hope they implement my suggestion.

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there are also nests within the zones that may yield the epics you need.

The easiest way is with some common

If you see many Lytronax you are zone 1
If you see many Deinocherius you are zone 2
If you see many allosauros or Triceratops Gen2 you are zone 3
If you see many suchomimus you are zone 4

I see all of them very often. :thinking:

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Impossible, @GermanRaptor, unless you live on the border of 4 zones or travel across different zones to get to work…

Yeah, I mainly see zones 3 and 4 depending on where I am in London

I‘m not imagining things. I do see many Lythronax in my area the whole day, sometimes I also see like 5-8 Triceratopa Gen 2 in my area and then often Allosaurus, too. They spawn day and night.
Deinicheirus is very often to observe where my parents live like 200km from here. But they do appear here too.

And yes, Suchomimus sometimes is in big number in my area too.
Thats why I‘m so confused.

Cause on the other hand, epics like Trex or Sino or Ourano who appear quiet often in the area of many other players, in my area they aren‘t appearing in werks sometimes.

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My experience zones are so small that it causes the confusion of what zones people are in. I travel a whole 17 miles to work and it that spanse i go from an l1 to l2 to l3 and back into another l1

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Triceratops Gen 2 and Allosaurus are not very good examples, in that they are pretty much global spawns now. Better examples:

–> L1 Euoplocephalus, Megalosaurus, Dilophosaurus…
–> L2 Deinoheirus, Dimetrodon
–> L3 Tuojungosaurus, Erlikosaurus Gen 2
–> L4 Suchomimus, Parasaurolophus

These are pretty exclusive in the above zones. For example, I live in L4 and work in L3. Weekends, I drive to a nearby L1 to collect Euoplocephalus DNA, needed to level my Tragodistis. Euoplocephalus can only be found in L1. Hope this helps.

Yeah there are some Euoplocephalus when I‘m driving to the university.
Is it possible that the city I live in lies in more than one zone?

Hello German"

If possible. I used to think that an area was equivalent to a country or region but the areas are much smaller. In a one-hour tour in Barcelona, I pass through three areas.

See… I see all from 1-3. See Allo, Deino, and Lyth allllllll the time.
I don’t see a lot of Sucho until I go to the area my mom lives in. Then I see so many more epics than in my area. Lol

Ok, THAT makes much more sense. I see more Zone 2 then, even though I do see the others every so often.

there was ouranosaurus in zone 2 and sinoceratops in zone 1. BUT they have disappeared since this week…

instead the developers put in TREX, KENTRO, SECODONTO, and PYRORAPTOR only…

no matter how long and how far I drive…day and night…just can’t find any ourano and sino…

@GermanRaptor, yes! Cities are divided into zones. I live in Dubai, in an L4 zone, which borders on an L1 and an L2, also in Dubai. So, it takes me a 5-minutres’ drive to get to either of these from where I live. :):grinning: