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Ive seen ppl talking about living in Zone 2…what does that mean? Im not new to the game but I dont know what that means…and how do I find out what zone Im in?


Zones are where you can find specific sets of dinosaurs. What is available around you helps you learn where you are.

Check out this page from Metahub to help out.

Habitat zones

this may help:

after checking it, i confirmed that i’m in the auto zone.

@Julien_Mayfair: Auto Zone would just be a location marker on google maps. Similarly, there would be other nests like Banks, Gas Stations around you.
Ideally, everyone would belong to one of the zones (L1 - L4). You should be able to identify your zones based on the common dinos spawning around you. Consider an area of roughly 1 square mile around you.