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Zoom in but zooms out without command & no collection

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Bug Description:

1 - I tap on a supply drop and it zooms in to it. Then it will back out without me having a chance to spin it. Sometimes it will act as if I have collected from it but it doesn’t show me anything at all.

Then I will go to the next supply drop and it will give me my darts and coins then give me more darts and coins. It acts as if the first supply drop items are included in the second supply drop spin.

Sometimes I will spin a regular supply drop and not get anything but then I spin an event supply drop that I have maxed everything on and I will get the coins from the regular supply drop that I received nothing from.

2 - tap a dinosaur to dart. You don’t have a chance to launch because In the blink of an eye you are returned to the map again. The dinosaur is still there, it did not despawn.

3 - I’ve shot 2 different dinosaurs at 2 different times after the update. When it shows you the dino profile pic and how much dna you shot, it also has given me coins and darts.

I believe all 3 issues are related. I think it glitches on supply drops and the next action performed gives you the rewards from the first action.

Area is was found in: map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- read above.
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: frequently.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

@ned @john


I really noticed this while driving home from work. I would spin two drops and it would zoom in and pop right back and then the third, I would get my coins and darts, plus the coins and darts from the previous two drops.


It’s making me so mad. I couldn’t wait to be finished getting my coins tonight. Didn’t max the cheat but hopefully more spawn tomorrow before reset. Those are screwed up too.

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I can confirm all of these have happened to me since the update as well. Very frustrating commute home where these kept happening on supply drops and creatures that I needed to dart! Infuriating! But at the same time I get that there are glitches with updates and you can’t catch them all.


Same here!
Man, this is a lot of bugs for such a short span.


Hey Phil, thank you for reporting these issues to us. Would you be able to reach out to our support team here at with your support key and this bug report so they can get some more information?


Sure however it’s not specific to just me. My girlfriend is on android and is experiencing this as well.

I’ve seen most of those glitches as well. The other glitch I see is while darting, after the countdown timer hits one, shooting ends immediately instead of ending after the second is complete.


I’ve been having horrible lag ever since the patch dropped. Like it’s 8 FPS flat normally but today it dropped to 2 FPS for a few minutes and hasn’t gone above 11 FPS all week

This is happening for me too, only when I’m being driven around. I’m fine playing from home; I’ve done multiple giga scents and spun the supply drops around me tons of times with no issues. While on the move, like the OP, I noticed that when I tap a treasure chest, it’ll sometimes zoom me back out like nothing happened. The next time I spin a supply drop, I get the supply drop rewards plus the treasure chest coins. So I’m not actually missing out on any rewards, but there’s something weird happening.

I’m getting zoomed out on chests, drops, and dinos, as well. It probably happens around 20% of the time.

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I’m getting all these too - Samsung A70; doesn’t happen (or at least doesn’t happen as frequently) when stationary or walking. Also if you click on a supply drop and are waiting for it to get within the inner circle it will sometimes exit - I wonder if they have put an auto exit in which is a bit glitchy …


I’ve experienced this also.

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It’s a bug everybody is experiencing. So annoying. why the need to send support key?


Has anyone gotten a fix to this? Ludia has just closed my tickets without responding.

So much for this being a know issue. I reported it to support in game and they said they were looking into it. I guess it’s not important enough to be fixed. Not sure why it wasn’t a “known issue” after being reported.

The reply I got was basically “The game isn’t designed for you to be in a car while playing.”

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I figured that was why they put the “glitch” in the game. However, there’s the passenger option. We ride as passengers a lot and ride buses or other transits to work. It’s not fair to those of us.

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Figured out from my daily play that this bug occurs on low signal zones, never on wifi and never on strong cell signal so this is a connection problem and that’s why so many players got it.
And knowing Ludia’s famous connection problems…

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I never had the issue until the last update. I’ve been playing since the beginning.

This keeps happening all the time since the last update… especially when in a vehicle